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Cash Flow & Tax Planning

Most people wish to maintain their current lifestyle and ultimately seek true financial freedom. Deterrents such as high income taxes can have a negative impact on your cash flow, but with proper planning, you could pay 30 to 50 percent less in taxes, and subsequently invest or retain more of your earnings. Lower taxes have some obvious, and some less obvious benefits. Most importantly, lower taxes mean:

  • More cash flow for spending, saving or giving away
  • Reduced draw on your assets
  • More peace of mind during retirement
  • Strengthening your financial outlook

In most situations we work in conjunction with your CPA to help you plan and implement a strategy designed to reduce your taxes and increase your income, giving you more opportunities to pursue your interests.

<p>Your Cash Flow Statement</p>

Your Cash Flow Statement

A presentation about managing money: using it, saving it, and even getting credit.
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<p>Donating Art: Taxation Abstraction</p>

Donating Art: Taxation Abstraction

The tax rules that govern donating art are complex and confusing. Take a closer look.
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<p>What Do Your Taxes Pay For?</p>

What Do Your Taxes Pay For?

Here's a breakdown of how the federal government spends your tax money.
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<p>You May Need to Make Estimated Tax Payments If&#8230;</p>

You May Need to Make Estimated Tax Payments If…

Have income that isn’t subject to tax withholding? Or insufficient withholdings? You may have to pay estimated taxes.
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