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College Education & Funding Alternatives

Funding a child’s education is an important goal for families, and consequently affects your financial plans. Opportunities exist in which modern funding strategies can have a significant positive impact on your income taxes and estate taxes, as well as on your family’s overall financial position. There are a number of ways to establish strong education-funding plans for your children or grandchildren. When evaluating education savings programs, we take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Personal and family goals
  • Retirement status
  • Income tax bracket and estate tax liabilities
  • Gifting
  • Profile of children or grandchildren

Education funding options may include:

  • 529 plans
  • Unlimited lifetime gifts
  • Any other applicable funding options
<p>A Cheat Sheet for Sending Your Kid to College</p>

A Cheat Sheet for Sending Your Kid to College

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Estimating the Cost of College

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<p>Getting a Head Start on College Savings</p>

Getting a Head Start on College Savings

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The Half Million Dollar Baby

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