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Insurance Management

Comprehensive Insurance Strategies

Every client has unique family and business insurance needs and life situations which are an important consideration in any financial plan. Insurance needs vary greatly for each individual situation and will continue to change as the character of your asset base changes. Our insurance specialists work hard to offer each client the most appropriate insurance at affordable rates. You will feel confident that with Holloway Investments on your team, your interests and concerns come first.

Long Term Care

The possibility that you, your spouse or a parent will need to go into a nursing home at some time in your life is very real. This type of care is very expensive and generally not covered by Medicare or Medicare supplement policies. Protect your life savings, even your home, from the burden of expensive nursing home costs with an affordable policy from our long-term-care specialist.

Estate Planning

To ensure that your heirs will have the funds necessary to pay the high cost of probate expenses and associated taxes, consider establishing a “Second-to-Die” or “Survivorship” life insurance policy. We can help provide your heirs with the liquid funds necessary to keep all that you have accumulated during your successful lifetime.

Term Insurance

We constantly sort through an ever-changing database of low cost term insurance protection with highly rated carriers. We help you determine if you need annual renewable term insurance or guaranteed premium plans from five to 30 years. We help you select the most appropriate plan, and handle all of the paperwork and arrangements for you.

Universal or Whole Life

Holloway Investments can help you customize your life insurance plan with a flexible premium, adjustable death benefit that offers a range of investment sub-accounts for living benefits, or a plan with a guaranteed insurance benefit and guaranteed cash values. We design a plan that builds strong cash values while providing the appropriate amount of life insurance protection you need.

Pension Maximization

Most true employer pension plans allow the retiree to include their spouse in the receipt of lifetime pension benefits at a substantial cost. This option is typically irrevocable, expensive, inflexible, and usually excludes additional family members.

A Pension Maximization Plan, designed correctly, allows you to maximize your employer’s pension benefits while maintaining your control and flexibility, and in many cases, at a substantially greater value. Our skilled team combines years of experience in evaluating the optimal pension selection plan that incorporates all that is important to you. We custom-design a plan that fits your individual needs.

Additional Strategies

Other insurance products, concepts and services may include:

  • Variable universal life
  • Mortgage protection
  • Disability income replacement
  • Disability business buy-out
  • Short-term disability coverage
  • Buy-Sell agreements
  • Retirement supplement
  • Key person insurance
  • Group health
  • Group term life

Remember to ask us about any type of insurance you are considering. We can guide you towards the product or professional that best meets your needs.

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